The importance of relationship between employees and CX

Published 25 Aug. 2022 | 3 min read

These are the benefits of ensuring a thriving environment for your employees to unlock the full potential of a brilliant customer experience (CX).

By now, we already know how crucial CX is for the creation and retention of loyal customers as well as standing out among the endless available competition. However, it is not something that just comes. In fact, CX depends highly on how the companies take care of their employees’ experience.

According to research, 80% of executives agree that employee experience is either important or very important to a business’s success. This is no surprise as employee experience is important because it directly affects:

  • The attraction and retaining of talent. Employees want to work at a company that supports them.
  • The improvement of engagement, as this is then transformed into excitement about their job and attentiveness towards the work done.
  • The fostering of collaboration. When employees have a positive environment to work in and experience with their colleagues, they are more prone to work together efficiently.

Furthermore, employee experience is crucial because it has a direct impact on the entire organization and affects areas such as CX, retention, and services in general.

For a business to harvest such positive results in the mentioned above areas, it is important for the company to create an environment that allows for employees to thrive, feel appreciated, and enjoy coming to work daily.

When a company prioritizes work-life balance, it allows the employees to have a greater balance and flexibility between their work commitments and their family and personal commitments. By doing so, businesses will ensure happy and healthy employees that will provide the best CX possible, through providing them with more information and enthusiasm! Moreover, businesses should also consider fostering a positive work environment. This could be done by keeping a transparent and open dialogue policy between everyone, to create an environment where everyone can share.

If you aren’t fully convinced how happy employees can benefit the CX, let us look at a few other reasons:

  • Happy employees build better relationships with customers. This is because the enthusiasm, attentiveness, and attitude are the keys to building this relationship. When employees are happy, they are more likely to support the customer needs faster and with a higher level of positivity. These feelings are transmitted to the customer and eventually aid in the creation of a long-term relationship between the client and the business.
  • They provide more knowledgeable service. Employees that are happy tend to stay longer at a specific company. Therefore, these employees are more knowledgeable and able to provide a better experience to your clients.
  • They put the company’s best face forward. Employees that are happy not only provide great CX, but also want to see the company do well. They tend to be more motivated and innovative and will often really go one step further in providing customers with the most exceptional CX.

We at Pontica Solutions know perfectly well how all these factors affect the CX and we are always on a mission to create a balanced environment, where employees thrive. If you want to experience outstanding CX for your business, get in touch with us today.

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