Why is it critical to stay connected to customers in times of crisis?

Published 29 Jun. 2021 | 3 min read

Caring about people and showing empathy is key to building strong brand-customer relationships.

With the Covid-19 crisis still present, companies have changed the way they work and communicate with their clients and customers. A new ‘normal’ has been formed since adaptation and flexibility have been necessary. Businesses are trying to continue their daily tasks in a way which does not disrupt their operations and quality of work. Functions such as Customer Support and Customer Experience (CX) have also transformed to proceed with even greater care to meet the needs of the customers and to be always convenient. In such challenging times what businesses could do is to stay connected to their customers and clients as to assure both sides’ security and trust.

The first step companies had to undertake while adapting to the Covid-19 disruption was to assure their teams’ safety and to secure their business operations. Companies also needed to come up with a way to maintain constant communication with their customers and clients and to guarantee their convenience by continuing to provide high quality services despite the circumstances.

Social media and regular Covid-19 updates on online platforms could help a business stay in touch with its customers and clients when times are uncertain and physical meetings are not always possible. According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer about Trust and the Coronavirus, more than 60% of employees have stated that they would like their employers to regularly share information about Covid-19.

Shifting to remote work and online channels has also been beneficial for keeping in touch. Virtual communication is crucial in between employees too. Communicating daily with their colleagues could reduce the feeling of isolation while working from home and to maintain a high-quality collaboration even from different locations.

To maintain your business’ connection to clients and customers during the pandemic you should also consider:

  • Being transparent

As a business, you should be honest with your clients and customers and to always give them all the information. This will help strengthening relationships and trust.

  • Being empathetic

Showing you care and building emotional relationships with customers and partners can help you stand out as a company that considers people’s wellbeing over deadlines and results in times of crisis.

  • Good partnerships

Choosing partners who share and understand your business’ culture could be beneficial because having the same priorities and working towards the same goal can ease the work process in crisis situations.

At Pontica, we think that staying connected to partners and clients during crisis is crucial in order to grow and get through the challenges #together. So if you are looking for a trusted and reliable partner that will deliver the unforgettable CX that your clients deserve, get in touch with us!

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