How can you drive customer loyalty through great customer experience?

Published 30 May. 2022 | 4 min read

This is how great CX wins the hearts of your customers.

Customer experience, also known as CX, is the new benchmark that is used by companies to keep their most important asset – clients. Providing a brilliant CX ensures that companies stand out from the endless competition that is constantly coming up. In fact, 89% of companies consider customer experience to be of crucial importance when it comes to driving customer loyalty and retention.

This isn’t a coincidence, as a great CX aids immensely in the formation of one of the most important aspects for businesses – customer loyalty. As mentioned in one of our previous articles, customer behavior continues to evolve which introduces new customer needs and new expectations.

But what exactly does customer loyalty mean and what does it entail for the business?

Put simply, customer loyalty refers to the willingness of the client to interact with the business or purchase from them on a regular and ongoing basis. Not only do loyal customers spend 67% more on a brand’s product or service than new customers, but they also bring a multitude of benefits along:

  • They drive repeat business – Loyal customers create a habit for themselves that results in purchasing your products or services frequently and are also usually the first ones to try your newest addition to your portfolio.
  • Increase revenues – Due to the sense of trust that the loyal customer has developed towards the brand over time, he or she is likely to even increase the quantities of what they purchase.
  • Create brand ambassadors – Loyal customers will also spread good word to those around them through word-of-mouth. By doing so, your loyal customers act as brand ambassadors on your behalf.
  • Gain valuable feedback – Loyal customers are great at providing feedback that can then be used by the company itself, as they are usually the first to respond to surveys or questionnaires that are sent out by the company. This feedback can be then implemented and used to further perfect the already existing products and services.

For a company to begin its journey on providing great customer experience and brand loyalty, it could focus on several areas. The first area is to focus on building trust with the customers themselves. This is crucial as it has been shown, that 42% of customers will change brands if they feel as if they’ve lost trust in a company. Building trust with your customers begins with your call center agents having emotional intelligence, as this creates a system that makes empathy and customer satisfaction a priority.

The second area is providing customers with the chance of connecting easily with you and in a way that is convenient for them. Finally, a company could make use of offering customer service in different languages during any interaction with the clients, and what better way to do so than hire an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing companies, such as Pontica, can blend seamlessly into the company’s dynamic and teams. At Pontica, we ensure that the experience is combined with the capability to optimize your solution and maximize every interaction’s potential.

What benefits do you get from outsourcing your CX?

Outsourcing your CX can bring several benefits to your company in the long run. Such benefits include:

  • Predictable, optimized costs – Outsourcing is a great way for a company to reduce its inhouse costs.
  • Focus on core activities – Companies can rely on a partner flexible enough to ramp-up and down in a speedy manner across locations, while they can focus on their core activities and long-term business growth in a more efficient manner.
  • Unmatched expertise – Due to such an advanced level of expertise provided by outsourcing companies, it is easier for the company to hire a business that outsources rather than train its own people.
  • Highly technological – As technology advances quickly, it is crucial for a company to keep up to date. When outsourcing, the company providing the outsource takes care of being up to date with these advancements, and in return, lower the expenses for the client.

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