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We find the best skilled and diverse talent to push your business to unexplored heights.
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The talent you have today defines your success of tomorrow

Selecting the right people to handle your operations is one of the most crucial choices you take as a decision-maker. At Pontica Solutions, we quickly find the right candidates that match your company’s culture, values, and goals. Our teams are young, multilingual, and multinational, and can deliver solutions for your business with great expertise, quality, and efficiency. Whatever your unique needs are, you can safely rely on us to deliver full-scale recruitment solutions as well as on-demand services.

Your Results with Pontica

Ultimately, whether you are starting from scratch or looking to grow, our expert recruitment strategies guarantee long-term effective results by helping your business:

  • Adapt your operations to new markets and customer expectations
  • Scale-up fast thanks to our strategic locations in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Reduce time and costs
  • Improve work flexibility and engagement
  • Establish yourself as a stable, reputable, and talent-focused company
weeks average hiring time (depending on languages)
offer acceptance rate (industry average 75%)*
candidate experience score
engagement rate (industry average 78%)*
*Source: AIBEST Annual report

How we do it

At Pontica, we have developed a highly effective, systematic, and transparent approach to our solutions to guarantee successful outcome. Thus, we allow your business to keep up with all the different stages – from design, through implementation, to evaluation. This is our winning formula.
Step 1


We evaluate your company’s operational needs and design a personalized solution to guarantee high quality CX and customer satisfaction.
Step 2


We design the solution with the best structure in synergy with your company’s culture and fitting your unique business needs.
Step 3


We implement the agreed upon structure and set up optimized processes and procedures.
Step 4


With the help of advanced analytics and digital tools, we select the right profiles for your operations.
Step 5


We handle all your operations to ensure organizational and performance excellence.
Step 6

Evaluate and Optimize

We listen to the voice of your customers and conduct performance reviews which we then report and analyze together with your organization against the benchmark of your business goals.

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