Improving CX with real-time language translation technologies

Published 25 Jan. 2024 | 3 min read

Learn about the technological advancements in real-time language translation and how they are breaking down barriers in customer service and experience.

In the era of globalization, businesses are no longer confined to their local markets. As organizations expand their reach across various locations, it is natural to encounter diverse customer bases that may not share a common language. This is where real-time language translation technologies come into play, breaking down linguistic barriers and enabling businesses to communicate effectively with customers worldwide.

In this article we explore these technologies, their growing adoption, and the multitude of ways businesses can reap benefits from their use.

What are real-time language translation technologies?

Real-time language translation technologies are software tools and platforms that can instantly translate spoken or written text from one language to another as the communication is happening. They are powered by complex algorithms, machine learning, and AI to provide accurate and contextual translations.

These technologies can be found in various formats, including but not limited to:

  • Text-to-text translation software that can be integrated into websites, chat services, or customer support platforms.
  • Speech-to-text translation services that transcribe and translate spoken language in real-time during calls or video conferences.
  • Text-to-speech translation systems that not only translate the text but also articulate it in another language through synthesized voices.

Popularity and adoption

Real-time language translation technologies have seen a significant uptake in recent years, driven by advancements in AI and the growing need for global communication.

  • According to Global Market Insights, the machine translation market size is expected to grow with 22.8% CAGR, starting from 2023 to 2032.
  • Covid-19 significantly increased the adoption of real-time language in the post-pandemic world translation, as it facilitated the exchange of important information and fostered easier international collaboration.
  • E-commerce, Health Tech, Automotive, IT, and Electronics are amongst the biggest adopters of real-time machine translation.

Five ways businesses can benefit from real-time language translation

1. Enhanced CX

One of the most direct benefits is improved customer support. Real-time translation allows customer service representatives to assist clients in their native language, leading to clearer communication and a more personalized experience.

2. Increased sales and market penetration

Businesses can tap into markets they previously couldn't because of language barriers. By offering products and services with real-time translation, companies can reach broader audiences, thereby increasing potential sales and market penetration.

3. Competitive advantage

By adopting real-time language translation technologies, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors. They are seen as more accessible, responsive, and customer-friendly, which can be a compelling unique selling proposition.

4. Streamlined internal operations

Global companies can benefit internally from these technologies by facilitating better communication among employees who speak different languages, improving teamwork and productivity across international sites.

5. Improved social media & community engagement

Real-time translation enables businesses to interact with customers on social media platforms in various languages. This multilingual engagement can significantly boost a brand’s visibility and its connection with customers worldwide. Furthermore, by conversing with clients in their native languages can generate s sense of brand community not only globally but also locally.

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