What should companies transform in their customer experience to stay ahead of competition?

Published 10 Mar. 2022 | 4 min read

Get to know the new customer expectations and how to exceed them.

Consumer behavior continues to evolve which introduces new customer needs, new expectations, and therefore, new obstacles for companies. This is why it is crucial to satisfy these new needs by providing innovative CX benefits for both companies and their customers. When businesses put their customers first and provide them with a pleasant and seamless experience, customers in return are more loyal and trustworthy of the organization.

Around 70% of customers would stay loyal to a brand due to a friendly interaction with customer support. Consequently, CX is crucial because high customer satisfaction leads to positive reviews and feedback, happier company employees, growth in ROI and an overall increase in the well-being of all parties involved.

According to a State of Global Customer Service Report from 2017, more than 95% of customers say that customer service is important in determining their loyalty to a brand. Currently, the pandemic has led to higher customer expectations for superior customer service and experience from brands. More specifically, 80% of consumers have expected companies to provide them with more efficient support since the pandemic has started, according to HiverHQ.

Another major shift to customer expectations is related to advanced digitalization and the need for digital and automated solutions since more and more people use digital transactions and multi-channel approaches. Combining all company’s channels into one system could give the customers a unified CX that will make their interactions easier. This way whenever there is an issue to be resolved, customers could communicate with a company on their preferred channels without the need to explain their problem numerous times.

How to continue fostering high-quality experiences for your customers?

  • Truly know your customers – And more specifically, know their needs and wants to provide an experience that matches and even exceeds their expectations. Today’s consumers are more educated and more tech-savvy. They have access to products/services’ reviews online and across social media. This makes them well-informed which is a challenge for brands because it leads to higher expectations and a variety of choices the consumer can select from.
  • Demonstrate emotional intelligence – as mentioned in our previous article, businesses should understand how customers feel in order to resolve issues. Companies should not only be sympathetic but rather, to focus on building more emotional connections with the consumers to ensure the best experience possible.
  • Constantly update and innovate – In order to understand what works for your customers and what does not, you should first understand the state of the CX you currently provide. Gathering information and making a visual recreation of the customer experience by using journey mapping would help deliver better experiences. Once you know where you stand, you can be innovative with your CX solutions which will certainly set your business apart from the crowd.

In order to always provide exceptional CX and to keep up with the changing customer expectations, businesses should strive for innovation and understanding of the customer on a deeper level. Being a customer-centric company and working with an appropriate vendor who creates CX around the customer needs is the key to brand loyalty and business growth. We at Pontica have extensive experience with providing quality customer service solutions and guaranteeing high customer satisfaction for your business.

So if you want to enhance the CX your company delivers, get in touch with us and let’s grow #together!

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